Patterns made by James Cox

BASSES 7/8 after Domenico Montagnana 1750 carved Back 3/4 after Ferdinand Gagliano flat back 3/4 after George Panormo flat back 3/4 after Charles Qenoil 1922 carved back (French solo bass) 5/8 Scaled From C. Quenoil carved back 5/8 Scaled from G. Panormo flat back 5/8 after Giovanni Maggini flat back ( also available as original six string violone) 5/8 scaled from from Tiefenbrucker flat back (no lower corners, flame holes) 1/2 after Pietro Pallota flat back 1/4 scaled from C. Quenoil either carved or flat back CELLOS LARGE 4/4 69.5 string length
"Davidoff" after A. Stradivari "Feuermann" after D. Montagnana "Parnas" after Matteo Gofriller Cox Hybrid (point plotted to a shape exactly in the middle between the Strad and Montagnana patterns SMALL 4/4 68.5 cm. string length "Bata" after A. Stradivari "Della Pieta" after D. Montagnana "Fuchs" after M. Gofriller Cox Hybrid 7/8 after Castagnari 7/8 scaled from D. Montagnana 3/4 and 1/2 in Cox Hybrid VIOLAS 15 1/4" after Nicolo Amati 16" after William Betts 16 1/2" after Gosparo da Salo 17" after Ventura Linorolo 17 1/2" after Brothers Amati VIOLINS "Red Diamond" after A. Stradivari "Doyen" after G. Guarnieri (del Jesu) "Cannon" after G. Guarnieri "1634" after Andreas Guarnieri ( Larger Second violin) Quinton, 5 string violin of viola depth and bottom bout width (Cox design) VIOLAS DA GAMBA BASSES 7 string after Claude Pierray 72 cm. Consort 6 str. after Barak Norman 70 cm. Division 6 str. after Richard Meares 66.5 cm. Lyra 6 str. after Henry Jaye 60 cm. Venetian 6 str. after Hienrich Ebert 69 cm. Brescian 6 str. after Ventura Linorolo 69 cm. TENORS English (Oxford collection) 48 cm. Venetian after H. Ebert 50 cm. Brescian after V. Linorolo 50 cm. TREBLES English after Addison 38.5cm Venetian after H. Ebert 39 cm. Brescian after V. Linorolo 39 cm. ALSO Pardessus de viol after Louis Guersan Viola de Amore after T. A. Hulzinsky Baryton after Tielke (Cassis drawing) Violone after G. Maggini