I have built and repaired stringed instruments for over forty years. There are few objects in the world more given to personal refinement than the tools that make music. From beginning students to the most demanding professional, an instrument that is well chosen and set up to suit a given player can be the difference between music making that is a joy, and playing that is source of unrewarding frustration.

I build violin and viol family instruments in a wide variety of patterns and sizes providing a spectrum of choices to my clients. Customized configurations and set ups including personally fit chin rests, special bridges, five string forms, shortened string lenghts and many other variations can be had if the player feels that they can be useful to them.

I don't start  to build until my client and I have a mutual understanding of what they want. I make an earnest effort to have my instruments accommodate the players in their great variety, rather than build to narrow standards and expect players to adjust to what is offered.

James Cox Luthier

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